Voici quelques jours que Ludum Dare #34 est terminée. Pour la première fois depuis la création de la compétition, il n’y avait pas un, mais deux thèmes : « Growing » (grandir) et « Two button controls » (contrôle à deux boutons) ! Tous les participants pouvaient choisir un seul des deux thèmes ou les deux; et c’est ce que j’ai choisi de faire ! J’ai donc créé un jeu très minimaliste dans lequel vous contrôlez avec les flèches gauche et droite une plante qui grandit. Ca ressemblait à peu près à ça :

stem-0 stem-1 stem-2

Ce qui s’est bien passé ?

  • L’idée : Sans être l’idée la plus originale de l’année (je suis tombé sur deux ou trois autres jeux avec plus ou moins la même idée), je pense que l’idée s’adapte parfaitement aux deux thèmes.
  • Le style minimaliste / les graphismes : Visuellement, quasiment tout le monde s’accorde à dire que le jeu est très réussi. Comme pour Happy !, j’ai décidé de garder un style très minimaliste. Mais je pense que le résultat ici rend beaucoup mieux.
  • Le gameplay : Le gameplay s’avère très simple, facile à appréhender pour tous les joueurs. Les règles sont expliquées très brièvement en début de partie, mais cela suffit.

Ce qui s’est moins bien passé ?

  • Le temps : Il m’a manqué beaucoup de temps à cause d’un bug critique que je n’ai réussi à réparer qu’au bout de 3 heures et demi. Je ne vais pas rentrer dans des détails techniques, mais c’est un bug qui bloquait complètement le jeu au moment de la fin de la partie. Ce sont plusieurs heures perdues que je n’ai pas pu consacrer à l’enregistrement des sons du jeu.
  • La musique / les sons : Voir juste au dessus ! 😉
  • La difficulté : Comme d’habitude, je n’ai pas passé suffisamment de temps à régler la difficulté du jeu. Il va falloir que j’apprenne de mes erreurs ! Le jeu était bien trop facile et la difficulté augmentait trop lentement. J’ai posté une version post-compo pour fixer partiellement le problème.

Commentaires et critiques des joueurs…

  • Yeh Yamzho !!! Good game :). Graphics are simple, without the end of bug is better. Animations are good but pity that there have no sound. Great job guy 😉 – (Afendar)
  • Fun game! I especially like how the different stats and obstacles tie into the game mechanics. The graphics and UI are effective as well. Great take on the themes! – (Somnium)
  • Loved this game! I have a very high liking to the stile of the graphics, and the game is very fun and interesting! – (DracoLizardStudios)
  • So cute. Miss some challenge at a time, but very good idea and stick to the both themes! tks – (rockford)
  • Nice idea well made into a game! At first I found it very easy and it took a while that I found out that it actually increases in difficulty (it does, right?). An idea could be to split it up into several levels. Each level could introduce a new concept (item, good or bad) so the user gets continuously new content and and the game keeps interesting longer (« what else is here to see? ») as well as it is easier to understand what all the items do. – (dmecke)
  • 1570cm. 13/10 would grow again. It’s a great game, maybe with a relaxing background sound and a little tweaks here and there you would have a complete game! – (ccglp)
  • Good concept with nice art, but does the difficulty increase at all? If it does it’s way too slowly. I had to lose on purpose to end it. Having a score counter during play would be nice too. – (Akhera)
  • This is great! The intro is very well done as are the animations, and the concept is pretty neat. Shame that there’s no sound, but I really like it. – (Piepenguin1995)
  • I would have loved to run this, but every time I try to play it, it gives me a Java exception. :\ – (MicroMacro)
  • The graphics are very smooth, and I like the stem with the little leafs and thorns. I only played the compo versions as that is the one I’m rating, ‘t was easy – (Chubb1337)
  • Interesting system with 3 different attribute. Neat arts. I enjoy it a lot. – (JohnGalt)
  • Looks really nice, but is a bit too easy. – (VascoF)
  • Hi, another similar game to mine, but on a different path 🙂 I guess I am not the original thinker I thought I was! I liked the style you chose everything stood out really nicely graphically. I think it needed some sort of evolution to it, not necessarily a difficulty spike just something you are growing to! – (cynicalmonkey)
  • Cute! – (sharpfrog4)
  • Nice game, good graphics and nice controls. I wish it got faster sooner, but nice job! – (CodeNMore)
  • loved the game. cool mechanics, nice visuals. it had some lag issues for me, but great entry. cheers! – (grama)
  • I love the graphics and really addicting gameplay 🙂 – (AdenMansonGames)
  • Good game, gets old really fast. – (nunesbarbosa)
  • The game is very shaky, hurts to look at – (batmanasb)
  • Nice game, simple idea, good implementation. A bit slow though, maybe some of the enemies could be faster/targeted? – (ingon)
  • Great game! love how the intro explains things as you play the game. – (SirSoltex)
  • Loved it. Wish it were a little more difficult? I don’t know, but I like the minimalistic graphics and the good concept. Congrats! – (CremaGames)
  • Cool stuff. Simple gameplay, but it works well, and keeping an eye on all the stats adds some flavour to it. Great graphical style. – (Nega Drive)
  • Fun little game, love the clean simple graphics. It would be perfect mobile game 😉 – (MisterMortal)
  • Great mechanic that’s easy to understand from the start. Love the minimalist look. Found myself playing for a long time! – (A Flat Minor Studios)
  • Nice little game. 1775 cm! 😀 – (Erlend Aarke)
  • Interesting game, fun for the first few minutes. After that it kind of drops 😀 The graphics were nice 🙂 – (gogo199432)
  • The games nice and look great but lacks replayability, which I assume is what you were going for having a score. – (MadmenProductions)
  • Among the growing plant games this is one of the most fun to play. However the challenge is a bit low and there could be some kind of timer or points that grow over time so the player knows he’s doing good. – (GoodwolfStudio)
  • Very nice game. superb presentation, cool idea and great concept. apply a bit of polish, add more features (like the plant would grow flowers depending on nutrition you’ve given it), and it’ll be a good full fun game 🙂 – (Dejvo)
  • Lovely art style. At first I thought it was easy, but as I said that, it started getting harder lol. I could imagine simple, care-free music being used in this game. – (Jishenaz)
  • Ahh i liked this game i admit was a shame there wasnt any audio but it was still a good game and glad u sorted the bug out so we could play it 😀 Well Done! – (Zeezgames)
  • Really cool game but no sound 🙁 – (Peekotus)
  • I think with background music it would be better. – (banana4life)
  • Too bad there’s no sound but I like the idea plus I love how well you’ve incorporated both themes into the game. – (Xanjos)
  • Simple and effective idea, I like the choice of very simple and flat graphics, thet look pretty good. It lacks some sound effects, and gets a bit boring and repetitive after a while as the difficulty doesn’t seem to inscrease (or maybe it does, but way too slowly to be noticed or challenging), and there is not a lot of evolution going on. – (alpha_rat)
  • After reading the comments I gave it a second try, and there is indeed a little inscrease of difficulty. But I still think it evolves too slowly to stay interesting – (alpha_rat)
  • I liked the visuals, and it was very clear what was good and bad. I thought it would be like snake where i could go back on myself, and I found that there was some limit to how far I could turn left and right. I couldn’t determine what the win condition was. I grew to about 1 meter and then let the controls go. I kept growing and eventually died, but I wonder if the game is too easy. Overall I hope you continue to work on this project. – (thecatspajamas)
  • Simple, yet fun and relaxing game. – (Mar3k)
  • Very simple, but well made. I included it in my Ludum Dare 34 compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out 🙂 – (Jupiter_Hadley)
  • Impressive work with the thoughtful interface and game design! It seemed to progress a bit too slow for my taste, but I did appreciate the way in which the health and difficulty worked. Awesome job! – (Zanzlanz)
  • The starting menu is so beautiful that I would use it as desktop background hahaha I like the plant animations. I wish some more originality were added to the game design of there was some sound feedback. – (Haokarlos)

La version post-compo…

Quelques petites améliorations apportées peu de temps après la compétition :

  • Les niveaux d’eau, de lumière et de fertilisants diminuent environ deux fois plus vite qu’avant.
  • La neige, les nuages, les flammes et les insectes apparaissent beaucoup plus vite et en plus grand nombre.
  • Les nuages, les flammes et les insectes sont environ 20% plus efficaces.
  • Le niveau de difficulté augmente plus rapidement.
  • L’influence de la lumière sur la vitesse est plus importante.
  • L’influence des fertilisants sur la direction est plus importante.

Et le futur de Stem ?

J’ai commencé à totalement recoder le jeu afin de proposer une version du jeu bien plus complète :

  • possibilité de jouer en plein écran, de changer la résolution.
  • de la musique, des sons.
  • plus « d’ennemis ».
  • un tutoriel amélioré.
  • et plein d’autres choses !

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